Paradise Unknown (The Ballad of The Lone Wolf) [Single]

by Mayo Baluyut



PARADISE UNKNOWN (The Ballad of The Lone Wolf)
(M. Baluyut, 2012)

Out in the wilderness I shall find my heart
And it’s calling me to make a brand new start

If I move out shall I go on and change my name
Don’t you forget me, I forgive you,
but things will never be the same

Keep me in mind

You’re the one who told me that nothing in this world would ever last
I can see your thoughts were moving fast

If you think that I’m in it just for the fortune and fame
Well, think again, you don’t know how it is, child,
and my passions shall always reign

Keep me in mind

I will find out one day
What came into play
Between you and I

But for now
Gotta move along
Gotta ditch this town


released February 28, 2017




Mayo Baluyut Philippines

Mayo Baluyut is a Filipino artist, freedom fighter, songwriter and musician.

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