by Mayo Baluyut

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MAYO's new EP in 3 years, "SONGS TO GET YOU BY", released on Valentine's Day (Feb. 14, 2014).

Track List:

1. Travelin' Man
2. Internet Kills
3. My Imaginary Place Called Home
4. Wag Ka Na

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For God, Kristine, and everyone who I call family.

This is for you, folks. These songs shall get you by.


released February 14, 2014

All songs written, recorded, arranged and performed by Mayo Baluyut.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at 8th Street Studios, Tarlac PH last January-February 2014.

Produced by Mayo Baluyut and Top Banana Productions.

Copyright 2014 by Mayo Baluyut Music and Top Banana Productions. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.



all rights reserved


Mayo Baluyut Philippines

Mayo Baluyut is a Filipino artist, freedom fighter, songwriter and musician.

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Track Name: Travelin' Man
travelin' man
(M. Baluyut, 2014)

travelin' man please tell me what to do
been livin' this life yet i ain't got no clue
travelin' man, are the answers in your hands?

walkin'and talkin', yer burnin'n you don't give a damn
telling off people to rise up and change their plans
travelin' man, i know you'll understand


thumbin' for a bus ride, yer certain that there's nowhere to go
it's funny that you know the world's crazy but you don't let it show
travelin' man, i'm done with lies, tell me the truth

workin' from monday till friday, i'm toilin' mud and sand
meaning for some honey, for some action, God knows, I have a plan
travelin' man, tell me i'm doin' alright


jaded and faded, tired of startin' anew
travelin' man, please tell me what to do
i wanna hear, i wanna see, i wanna feel, i want some lovin' from you

ease my burdens, embrace me with all yer might
travelin' man, come and share me some light
travelin' man, i give my life to you

Track Name: Internet Kills
Internet Kills
(M. Baluyut, 2014)

Internet kills social life
Internet kills some precious time
Internet kills peace of mind
Internet kills every time

Internet kills your reason to think
Internet kills precious time
Internet kills whatever you have
Internet kills peace of mind

And I know
Even if it doesn't show
Yes, I know
You can live without it

Internet kills relationships
Internet kills contact
Internet kills reason
Internet kills precious time

Internet kills connections with people
Internet kills precious time
Internet kills everything
Internet kills God - kills man - kills everything

And I know
This world has gone berserk
Yes, I know
Get out
You can get out of it
Get out of it
'Cos you can live without it

Internet kills

*COMPOSER'S NOTE: This song was taken on a single take, making up lyrics as it went along.It is a funny/ironic song about a yearning to live simply, yet one cannot easily bolt out of something that has been a huge part of one's daily living. So, for the sake of personal consolation, rationalization, and self-imposed detoxification, this song - about one's love-hate relationship with the internet - was made.*
Track Name: My Imaginary Place Called Home
My Imaginary Place Called Home
(M. Baluyut, 2013)

I wake up in the morning and the sky is blue
Your face is fresh and glowing as the morning dew

And there is no room for doubt
I don't really have to shout
And in this place we have ourselves a home, oh

Little baby's crying in her crib
There's so much joy and happiness for us to give

And bad mem'ries just won't count
In this place there is no doubt
The garden's green and it's time for fish n' wine

The kitchen's so divine
And I love you, too

Hey honey, tend the flowers and I'll fetch some milk
In minutes' time the bacon's ready, you're smooth as silk

And the toast is golden brown
There's no really room for doubt
The morning breeze is fun and the grass is waving, oh

We work hard in the morning, and we rest at night
We travel here and there when we can find the time

And the baby's great and fine
And the dogs are having a good time
The night is kind and the stars are out tonight

And now we have ourselves a home
And I am not alone
There's just peace and quiet

And, my God, how good you've been
All of this despite my sins
I got myself a home and a great family

Everything's okay
Another baby's on the way
That's all I have to say
Track Name: Wag Ka Na
wag ka na
(M. Baluyut 2014)

wag ka nang mahiya
wag ka nang iiyak
wag ka nang mangamba

wag ka nang titiklop
wag ka nang liliko
wag ka nang magtaka

'di ka nag-iisa

kelangan mo ng bakasyon
sa lahat ng mga lason
na lumulusob sa isipan
tara na't iwanan na iyan


wag ka nang matakot
wag ka nang magkamot
wag ka nang masisindak

wag ka nang babalik
sa dilim na kumakapit
wag ka nang mawawala

sa sarili'y 'wag maaawa

ibaling mo ang atensyon
sa tunay na magpapasaya sa'yo
linasin mo na ang mga dahilan
pangarap mo'y iyong makakamtan

isipin nalang ng ganito
andito kami't nagmamahal sa'yo
sadyang tapat lang at nakaabang
halina't tumawa na at tumalon

limutin mo na'ng mga problema mo
gawin mo na ang nararapat sa'yo

wag ka na
wag ka na
wag ka na