Sadness In Your Eyes (Cover)

by Mayo Baluyut

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Not so long ago, I had a chance encounter with this very beautiful song, entitled, "Sadness In Your Eyes".

It's a musical collaboration, written and composed by two brilliant songwriters, Teddy Cinco and Ian Amane, with whom I have been band mates for a time. It has been played live in some several gigs and pubs alike, and for some reason it has unfortunately stopped in its circulation, buried and somehow forgotten in the endless flow of space and time.

I do strongly believe in the potential of this song - in its sheer, utterly divine and sublime beauty - and I felt like it hasn't been passed along for all its glorious worth. This song is a rare gem, and it needs to be heard further by everyone who desperately need it.

I know that I shall, or perhaps may never fully achieve, the true grit that this song can actually convey, as only Teddy and Ian can do it best. But in my most best and humble of efforts, as a friend, co-musician, and fellow songwriter, I have done my very all to put all of the meaning and intention that is rich and rife in this song.

To all of you, folks: may this song serve you well.

To Teddy and Ian, I tip my hat off to the both of you. Thank you for this song.

Simply beautiful.


The Sadness in Your Eyes
(Cinco / Amane)

Are you smiling?
is this pretty?
in this dark, dark room
I see it all so clear
wipe it away
the sadness in your eyes

When it’s raining
in the city
from my high, high room
I see it all so clear
washing away
the vastness of the skies

See the rain on roads
paving wide in scope
all the ways i’ve been
it has roamed and seen
the sadness in your eyes

Still you’re frowning
It’s not pretty
with your far, far gaze
you always fail to see
waving to say
the grandness of design


released February 4, 2017
Written and composed by Teddy Cinco and Ian Amane.

Performed with permission by Mayo Baluyut.
Recorded at 8th Street Studios, February 3, 2017.

Peace Love & Music.




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